Friday, June 10, 2005

Today I wanted to do two things:

1. apply for a job, any job
2. get my haircut

I wasn't hopeful, as list has been same, basically, since I got out here. But, I applied to a job at a cool t-shirt shop on Hollywood Blvd, which is an excellent sustainable clothes company selling brandless clothing and making all things here in LA (with ac!), not in some sweatshop somewhere. The girl who took my resume was super cool, and also an anth major, and i think she'll put in a good word. liiiiife.

After I dropped off my rez, I kept walking with Pyung and Dougtastic down Hollywood Blvd. in search of other places to work and also an anonymous haircut place that might not charge us $100.

We passed this guy sitting outside of a coffee shop reading a German phrasebook. I was drawn to him. Not in a "let's make babies way," but in a "i think this person is interesting and he's learning German and I want to talk to him" way. Also, he has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. Like a cat. Meow.

Anyway. Doug and Pyung said I should follow my instinct becuase he could be producer and make me famous or something. So i got got an ice tea, sat in the table next to him, and turned and and asked him, " ach, lernst du Deutsch?"

He did. He was studying so he wouldn't forget it after he learned when he was in Germany for a year two years ago modeling. We started talking about Germany when he stops, looks at me, and says: "You have good hair. I could make it great with a cut right now for $20."

Life is glorious.

Saul, "the hair cowboy," as he is called here, whipped out a cape for me to wear and we stood on the sidewalk on hollywood blvd and he cut my hair. He calls it hair sculpting, keeping your length but going with your natural waves. Or whatever. My hair looks rockin.

Also, Saul is something of a fortune teller/astrologist/spiritual man, and while he was cutting he told me that we are kindred spirits, basically, and that this is a wacko town, but he's sure I'll be fine. He can sense it. Whatev. He started to tell me about himself, but said he didn't know why, bc he knew i could already "see into him."

So basically, I'm alright. Also, a mind reader. Life is hilarious.